Making the world a better place … through software-defined data centers for cloud computing

Best. Show. Ever. Go watch, then come back:

Back? OK.

Sooooo…. here at Adaptive, we’re also trying to make the world a better place … BY HELPING DISCOVER TESTS AND TREATMENTS TO STOP CRAP DISEASES FROM ACTUALLY KILLING PEOPLE.

It’s kind of awesome.

And we need more help. I’m looking to hire a number of people onto my engineering team over the next few months. Not a ton, and I’m happy to be patient — but if you’re interested in building software that is about as close to the edge of medicine as it gets, I’d love to hear from you.

My team is responsible for three key chunks of work:

  1. The “pipeline” is a body of code that takes the raw data files produced by next-generation sequencers and boils them up into usable, normalized data. This involves error correction, sequence alignment, gene identification, stuff like that. This is serious computation — lots of parallel processing, and code efficiency really matters.
  1. The “analyzer” is all about taking immunosequencing data and turning it into information. We’ve got a bunch of web-based charts and tools, but have only scratched the surface of what we really want to do. Our next steps here will involve more flexible visualization tools, some big bets on helping researchers collaborate and publish, and integrations with popular scientific platforms like R.
  1. We’re also committed to creating the best and most efficient place for researchers to conduct their experiments — this is all about great web-based logistics for ordering products and services and coordinating the exchange of physical samples and data. Sounds simple, but it’s anything but — making Multiplex PCR and high-throughput sequencing manageable? Not easy.

All three of areas would benefit from more focused brainpower. We work largely in Java plus a little Python; up and down the stack from front end to back. We need hands-on people with enough capacity to both design great solutions and make them real. And to be successful here, you need to take it personally — we all screw up (ask my team about the double-bug commit I made this morning), but when we do, we make it right. I’m proud of my work and expect you to be so as well.

We are differentiating Adaptive through our chemistry and through our software. If we execute well, it’s pretty much an unbeatable combination. So send me a resume — you can contact me using @importimmunity on Twitter, or drop me an email at sean-recruit AT adaptivebiotech DOT com.

Looking forward!

PS. We work out of offices on the southeast side of Lake Union in Seattle, just off the water and with a great rooftop view of the seaplanes. It’s a great location and we just pretty much tripled our office space to support our growth plans. I’m happy to consider relocating the right person here, but obviously it’s easier if you’re local already. Either way, let’s chat.

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